What is Smoner
Smoner is a URL shortener that pays a share of its advertising revenue to its users who bring traffic to their shortened URLs.


how does it work
Smoner gives the user the opportunity to shorten the URL of any length. When someone clicks a shortened URL, the full page will run out of 10 seconds before clicking on the next desired action button.


How much can I earn
The earnings are proportional to your amount of traffic. The better your strategy to bring visitors is, the higher your income will be. The earnings potentials are capable of generating through your shortened URLs.


How does the referral program work
For every user that you refer to Smoner we will pay you 10% of their total income forever. Your referral will still earn the original 100% so he/she is not affected.


How do I get paid
We can pay you a variety of channels. You must have a minimum balance in your account as we specify.

In order to receive payment, your account details must be filled in with the correct details. In addition, you must have an account to receive money.